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Within our Paris offices, our SEO consultants help clients translate strategy into long-term plans and everyday actions. Our SEO experts are the heart of the agency. They seek for new methods and monitor Google daily.

Primelis SEO consultants profiles

At Primelis, every SEO consultant is unique! Everyone has a different curriculum and has developed a unique set of web skills. They are positive individuals who support and share with other group members. The richness and strength of our SEO team derive from our differences. Consultants have different backgrounds (technical, marketing, content) and they complement with each other. Everyone also participates in the tests carried out in our laboratory.

Everyone formulates hypotheses and experiments, in order to improve their SEO skills, understand Google and develop efficient ways to improve websites' positioning in search engine results.

A dedicated expert for your indexing

The role of our SEO consultants is to support our clients across the board. As your first point of contact, they create your strategy, ensure their recommendations are being applied, and monitor the results closely. Whatever your needs in terms of SEO, you benefit from unique expertise.

A dedicated professional SEO consultant increases the visibility of your website as well as its traffic. From performing technical audits and providing training in writing SEO content to link building management, our team – based near Paris – is available to address queries of all kinds.

The Primelis consultant team

gregory goudet seo manager primelis Grégory Goudet SEO Manager thomas preteseille seo consultant primelis Thomas Preteseille SEO Consultant charles millois seo consultant primelis Charles Millois SEO Consultant lucas perrose seo consultant primelis Lucas Perrosé SEO Consultant martin karpinski seo consultant primelis Martin Karpinski SEO Consultant remi liance seo consultant primelis Rémi Liance SEO Consultant eliahou sadoun seo consultant primelis Eliahou Sadoun SEO Consultant philippe el khechen seo consultant primelis Fayçal Radhi SEO Consultant

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