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A good position on Google has become crucial

In terms of visibility and credibility, it is essential for brands’ ranking to come via SEO. Today, 95% of French web users use Google, and the first results on the search engine are considered to be the leaders in their sector. As such, SEO is an essential driver of traffic for brands that want to capitalise on their web presence. More than just a tool,  Search Engine Optimization has become the key to an effective and long-term digital strategy.

It needs to work alongside all marketing campaigns run by brands, which have an SEO potential that is rarely exploited. With this in mind, Primelis, the Search Engine Optimization agency, makes unique digital acceleration expertise available to its clients with a dedicated SEO consultant for each project and a scientific vision of the role an SEO agency should play.

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A complementary and highly relevant take on our approaches to SEO, and a team that’s full of suggestions, quick to react and always results-focused.

Nathalie Lahmi

Digital Marketing Director

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Working with the teams at Primelis is a delight thanks to the agency’s long-term vision and unique technical approach.

Marc Perochain

Marketing Director

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An SEO agency that adds value to your brand

Primelis is an SEO agency that specialises 100% in Search Engine Optimization, and is located near Paris. Since 2009, we have been closely monitoring the way Google treats websites, allowing us to create precise optimisation strategies that fit the search engine’s requirements. Day after day, our in-house teams work to build action plans to anticipate web users’ expectations and Google’s developments. Our SEO consultants base their experience on studies carried out within the agency in our ‘laboratory’, meaning we can continuously improve our understanding of how the algorithms work.

As such, we like to take a scientific approach to SEO through precise measures that can address all the issues surrounding website positioning. Our agency’s philosophy is to use your strengths to optimise their effects on the web through innovative SEO that is designed first and foremost around your brand.

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