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High-performance social campaigns thanks to refined targeting of your prospects and multi-channel engagement. Total control of the platforms visited by your consumers.

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Our vision of Social Ads

With the increasing complexity of your customers’ buying journey, it is important to be present on the media where they spend time. Your growth today depends on social networks. Real expertise is therefore necessary for the proper management of your advertising investments on numerous platforms. What budget allocation should be implemented? What is the most efficient marketing mix? How can you be sure that you are reaching the right audience?

Our certifications on all social advertising agencies guarantee that you will always be supported by expert and trained consultants. Close collaboration with your marketing teams allows us to identify your personas and establish an omnichannel strategy integrating your business goals and constraints. Definition of customised audience pools according to your product will ensure the highest level of profitability.

Social Audit

A complete check of your Social Ads campaigns and specific and turn-key recommendations to fine-tune your performance.

Social Management

Your campaigns steered by a dedicated expert who enriches your audiences, monitors your KPIs and guarantees results.


Your teams are supported and your performance amplified by the analysis and tailor-made recommendations of our consultants.

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Primelis deploys your campaigns on all the networks visited by your prospects, thanks to a thorough mastery of the different social media platforms. Knowing the buying journey of your users allows us to establish effective omnichannel strategies.

International expertise

Primelis offers you international expertise in managing your visibility on social media networks. Depending on your markets and targets, we establish action plans by area to ensure, country by country, the best performance for your overall digital strategy.

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Elsa Monteuuis Elsa Monteuuis Social Ads Consultant “Understanding your audience well is the key to the success of your Social Ads campaigns”

Data-driven agency

Your acquisition strategy on social networks is continuously fed by data. We create dashboards reporting in real time the KPIs essential to the conduct and success of the project. This data-centric approach guarantees your teams transparent monitoring of results.