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Our vision

SEO is an environment in constant evolution, which implies a deep knowledge of algorithms and strong adaptability. Our expertise is based on mastering these challenges to offer you premium and customised support. Centred on data, driven by a Test & Learn logic, supported by expert teams, Primelis brings you clear, turn-key recommendations and a total control of organic ranking factors (semantics, technical, linkbuilding).

Market knowledge, understanding your brand, your users and your goals are the other pillars needed to create a viable SEO strategy. Our consultants do not act as simple traffic providers: trained in cross-functional digital levers, they are integrated into your overall strategy to increase its performance tenfold. By combining acquisition and conversion, Primelis offers you project management with performance, for ROIst management of your SEO.

SEO Audit

Identify your potential and define the strategy to realise it, based on an advanced analysis of your website and your ecosystem.

SEO Support

Expert consultants, dedicated to your project, support your teams in deploying the SEO strategy and analysing the results.


From press websites to blogs, thousands of partners serving the acquisition of qualified backlinks to boost your SEO.

Content performance

A tailor-made content creation solution to support your strategy and extend your brand discourse to all your prospects.


App Store Optimisation: analysing and optimising your iOS and Android apps to increase downloads and improve retention.

SEO Training

Our unique expertise of search engine optimization transmitted to your teams via training adapted to different profiles and your goals.

Organic Search

Primelis defines your SEO strategy and supports your teams in the complete optimization of your website to increase ranking, traffic and revenue.

An efficient online acquisition relies on a SEO strategy suited to your brand identity and designed to reach your goals. During the initial analysis, our experts identify every growth opportunity to catch and coherent with your priorities. Each SEO strategy conducted by our teams is enriched with reliable data and favours cross channels synergies to amplify results

Strategy is delivered with a detailed and prioritized roadmap gathering short and long term necessary optimizations. Recommendations are adapted to your website, your resources and your brand identity to speed their deployment. Our entire expertise at the service of your SEO growth.

SEO is a important part of your online brand exposure and directly linked to user experience. Ensure a good engagement of your user is the key of a more profitable organic traffic. This is why our strategies and recommendations always respect UX guidelines – especially on mobile – and have a high business potential.

Our expertise comes from experience, data analysis and a continuous challenge of our knowledge. To realize forecats, measure results or conduct deep analysis, we always refer to trustworthy and relevant data to deliver high-valued recommendations and ensure transparency. Data are also embedded in our internal SEO laboratory allowing us to validate ranking theories and test Google algorithms and updates in an advanced Test & Learn approach.

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Data-driven agency

Data constitute the DNA of Primelis. In steering your SEO strategy, monitoring KPIs is essential for ensuring its performance. We therefore provide you with a dashboard aggregating real-time data, accessible by your teams at any time. Feeding our milestones, helping decision-making, the SEO dashboard is an essential building block of Primelis monitoring, incorporated into each project.

International expertise

Our know-how goes beyond borders: we support you in your international SEO strategies. Our teams integrate regional specificities and work with your local resources to optimise exchanges and facilitate deployments, thus maximising results.

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Mélanie Tripet SEO Consultant “Understanding your brand objectives and challenges is essential for building an effective SEO strategy”