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Search Engine Optimization is changing. In today’s world, it has become a priority marketing tool for brands that want to capitalize on their web presence – many of whom now have in-house SEO teams.  Primelis’s training is aimed at all SEO professionals, from beginners to experts, working in agencies and businesses or as freelancers, who want to improve their knowledge.  We organize SEO training in Paris and Île-de-France upon request. The training can take place in our offices or at your premises to suit your preferences.

Primelis added-value

  • Training experts Each training programme is led by Senior Consultants, that benefit from 10 years’ experience in the field. Their professional profiles are extremely diverse and complementary which ensure a full range of expertise and a result-oriented training. .
  • A scientific approach Our R&D is made available during our SEO training. Enjoy our latest discoveries coming from the Lab and use our in-house tools. Discover a new SEO approach through scientific methodology that helps understand how Google works.
  • Hands-on training We conduct concrete training sessions. All the elements you learn can be used immediately as quick wins. That’s why our training is also very practical. You will go through a practical client case study.

A training eligible for OPCA and DIF

Finance your training on search engine optimization easily. Primelis is part of the FAFIEC. You can use your DIF to follow our training programs. For more information on financing options and training costs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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SEO Training


5 to 10 people 900€ excl tax 1 day Subscribe
Training content

The Essentials training is an introduction to SEO KPIs and main challenges. It provides all the necessary concepts in order to develop your web visibility. How does a search engine work? What are Google’s ranking factors? What elements should be retained to optimize a site?… The Essentials training from Primelis offers a concrete vision on how to develop an efficient SEO strategy.

Course Participation Pre-Requisites
No specific SEO knowledge
List of competencies to be acquired
Understanding SEO challenges
Learning the main SEO levers
Setting up an SEO strategy
Prioritizing optimization tasks
Monitoring the evolution of the right indicators
Primelis Essentials Certification

Is this training for me?
The training is made for people who want to learn the SEO basics. It is ideal for SEO junior consultants, digital marketing managers, traffic managers and teams involved with external SEO providers.

Next sessions

  • March 7th – 10am to 7pm full
  • March 27th – 10am to 7pm 6/10 seats available
  • March 28th – 10am to 7pm 9/10 seats available
SEO training


4 to 8 people 2200€ excl tax 2 days Register
Training content

SEO advanced training is made for professionals aware of the rapid pace of development in SEO. This training is more technical, it deals with a larger amount of SEO factors and provides more details. This two-day training deals with crawling issues and the best tools in the market.

Course Participation Pre-Requisites
HTML basics
Major SEO tags
List of competencies to be acquired
Crawling budget management
SEO on-page advanced level
Link building advanced strategy
Advanced semantic SEO techniques
Primelis Advanced Certification

Is this training for me?
This training is made for professionals with SEO knowledge, working on the agency side, as freelancers or on the client side. This format is made for SEO consultants that need to overcome some hurdle. It is also made for teams working with external suppliers or managing SEO internally.

Prochaines sessions

  • March 23th -24th – 10am to 7pm 3/8 seats available
  • April 20th -21st – 10am to 7pm 6/8 seats available
  • May 23rd -24th – 10am to 7pm 8/8 seats available
SEO training


3 to 6 people 2900€ excl tax 2 days Register
Training content

In the SEO expert course, you will learn the most advanced SEO concepts and strategies. Here is the agenda: advanced ranking techniques, accelerated SEO solutions, log analysis, best performing tools, Primelis solutions…This is a two-day training.

Course Participation Pre-Requisites
Advanced level with crawling tools
Semantic logic understanding
Advanced knowledge in link building
List of competencies to be acquired
Use of server logs
Advanced link building strategies
Best SEO tools in the market
Primelis Exclusive solutions
Primelis methodology
Primelis Expert Certification

Is this training for me?
The Expert training is made for self-learners, web developers, SEO senior consultants and managers working with external SEO suppliers. People that take part to the expert sessions are passionate. They have a solid experience and full knowledge of all fundamentals, in order to become a better SEO scientist.

Next sessions

  • 13-14th April – 10am to 7pm 4/6 seats available
  • 11-12th May – 10am to 7pm 6/6 seats available
  • 8-9th June – 10am to 7pm 6/6 seats available
SEO training


Need a tailor-made SEO training for you and your teams?
Primelis organizes dedicated sessions in Paris and Ile de France according to your needs. Make a request

Our next training dates

  • Essentials Training Full March 7th – 10am to 7pm
    Asnières-sur-Seine – Primelis
  • Advanced Training 3/8 seats available March 23th-24th – 10am to 7pm
    Asnières-sur-Seine – Primelis
  • Essentials Training 6/10 seats available March 27th – 10am to 7pm
    Asnières-sur-Seine – Primelis
  • Expert Training 4/6 seats available April 13th-14th – 10am to 7pm
    Asnières-sur-Seine – Primelis
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A complementary and highly relevant take on our approaches to SEO, and a team that’s full of suggestions, quick to react and always results-focused.

Nathalie Lahmi

Digital Marketing Director

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Working with the teams at Primelis is a delight thanks to the agency’s long-term vision and unique technical approach.

Marc Perochain

Marketing Director

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