SEO support is essential when implementing an SEO strategy, particularly when carrying out optimisations following an audit, during a site redesign or after being penalised by Google. More generally, this support is crucial as part of overall management of a brand’s visibility (setting out objectives, determining resources and budget, etc.)

Comprehensive expertise to increase your ranking and visibility in the long term

Eliahou Sadoun
SEO expert

We assign you an SEO expert and consultant along with a technical team who will help you to set realistic targets and give you the means to achieve them. Providing both advice and active support with your SEO strategy, your consultant also makes sure that all of our recommendations are applied.

SEO support: what we do

  • Determining the SEO strategy
  • Positioning of key phrases
  • Dedicated SEO
    project manager
  • Applying optimisations
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring progress and issuing reports

Our SEO expertise

Benefit from the expertise of a dedicated SEO consultant

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