An SEO audit is an in-depth study of your brand’s web presence. On-site and off-site analyses give us a snapshot of your site’s SEO environment (current visibility, changes in positioning, competition, architecture, performance, content, etc.) and determine the best approach to optimisation.

An SEO audit is the foundation for any sound SEO Strategy.

Eliahou Sadoun – SEO consultant

During an audit, our first priority is to produce a complete overview of how Google sees your brand using a method that allows us to see your site exactly as the search engine does – meaning we can reveal its unused natural SEO potential.

Audits: what we do

  • Positioning
  • Technical & performance scan
  • Semantic and content assessment
  • Analysis of structure and links
  • Popularity measurements
  • Benchmarking the competition

SEO audit by Primelis

The main question a natural indexing audit should address is how your site is seen by Google. How is it perceived and ranked in the search results pages? The answer to this question determines your positioning strategies and identifies areas for improvement.

When carrying out an SEO audit, a project manager is assigned to the task of analysing your website. They study every aspect that determines how Google treats your site: keywords located in the SERP, competitors, content, semantics, popularity, links, etc.

After the SEO audit is completed, we list the obstacles preventing your site from progressing as well as your positioning opportunities. The consultant then uses this information to draw up a set of recommendations that you can use to optimise your website and exploit its full potential.

All of our technical audits are carried out using highly accurate tools and are performed with the utmost care and attention. We don’t use any automated processes, meaning we give you a more detailed and more personalised analysis.

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