The number of links pointing to a website is a key element in Google’s perception of its reputation. To simplify to the extreme: the more links a website has from quality sites, the more emphasis the search engine will give it in its results. However, the number of these backlinks is not the only criterion for popularity. The way they are used and their location are also important elements to optimise.

Knowing if people are talking about you is one of Google’s essential criteria

Charles Millois – SEO Consultant

We work to manage and increase your popularity. We monitor the quality of links towards your site and seek out partners to build viral campaigns. To help to improve your ranking, we create a natural and dynamic linking strategy.

Popularity: what we do

  • Optimising current popularity
  • Link baiting strategy
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Monitoring link building activities
  • Cleaning and disavowal of bad links
  • Popularity audit

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