The three types of SEO consultant profile

Because SEO requires a range of skills, not all of our consultants specialise in the same areas. As well as their shared knowledge, consultants in each different profile have their own fields of expertise and create their own added value.

Technical profile

This type of consultant is particularly skilled in web development and the technical side of SEO (log analysis, languages, etc.). Consultants in this profile generally have a background in computer engineering, and bring with them excellent understanding of the technical issues that recommendations can pose – including problems with implementation, the required resources, deadlines, etc.

SEO technician consultants are the first point of contact when working with an in-house development department or an external service provider.

Editorial profile

This type of consultant includes content management specialists and people with excellent writing skills. Defined more by their leanings towards the written word than any particular educational background, editorial consultants take a holistic view of a site’s editorial charter and semantic sphere. They are essential when adding high-quality content, determining the long-tail positioning strategy and enriching the user’s site experience.

SEO consultants with an editorial profile work with client teams to train them in SEO content writing and with external content producing services.

Marketing profile

The third type of consultant is the marketing profile. Often, this type of SEO consultant has studied marketing/communication, and is highly attuned to your site’s UX – its user experience. From navigation and the purchasing funnel to conversion rates, they combine user-friendliness and SEO. This brings real added value as Google is increasing its focus on a high-quality UX in its ranking criteria. Marketing-focused consultants can also use a brand’s marketing campaigns to boost its SEO (amplification).

Marketing specialists work directly with the client’s marketing team to support the site’s progress and amplify marketing campaigns.

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