Grégory Goudet

Primelis SEO Manager

In 2016, SEO can no longer be carried out in isolation. That’s why I set a lot of store by a combination of strategies.

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Since November 2015, I’ve been a natural indexing consultant at Primelis, and I work on a daily basis to implement SEO strategies for all kinds of clients (startups, pure players, retailers, CAC 40 companies, etc.). I’m especially comfortable working on the technical aspects of indexing, and I hope to develop in-depth understanding of how Google works so I can precisely determine which elements need to be ‘given’ to the search engine to push a site to the top of the results page.

I trained as a developer, and I’ve been able to help develop document search technology. I became aware of the issues surrounding crawling, indexing and content duplication very early on, so it was only natural for me to gradually move to SEO, which I’ve now been working on for 7 years. I’m always on the lookout for changes to Google’s algorithm and its tools – I describe myself as an SEO addict, and I keep my ear to the ground every day to make sure I’m always at the cutting edge of innovation in SEO.

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